RRAC Seminar 2008, Program

Introduction of RRAC and seminar.
(Stefan Endepols, RRAC)

Subjects and questions in current anticoagulant resistance research.
(Alan MacNicoll)

Genetic mutation in VKORC1, functional consequences for the VKORC1 protein, and the spread of different mutations in the French field.
(Etienne Benoit)

Anticoagulant resistance in Belgium: distribution, genetic background and practical implications.
(Kristof Baert)

Summary on the work on gene identification concerning second generation anticoagulant, bromadiolone in Denmark.
(Anne-Charlotte Heiberg)

Download abstract from Hans Joachm Pelz PDF
Overview of mutations found in VKORC1 of rats and mice, their known occurrence and mediation of resistance to anticoagulants.
(Hans-Joachim Pelz)

Download abstract from Michael Kohn PDF
Detection of a potential fitness cost associated with warfarin-resistance mediated by VKORC1 mutation.
(Michael Kohn)