Towards Resistance Management

RRAC has sponsored a research program, conducted at the University of Reading, to evaluate current resistance test methods, based on blood clotting response tests, and to develop a standardized test protocol for all commercial anticoagulants. The new methodology now has been established as standard.  A number of investigations were undertaken using the method.  Respective results were published, and some of them are available on this site.

The main objective of the RRAC is to give guidance on rodenticide resistance.  During recent years, with the help of some co-authors, a new guidance document on anticoagulant rodenticide resistance was issued.  The second issue of this comprehensive document, issued October 2016, now is available for downloadhere.  Even better, this website provides an interactive version with updated information and resistance maps.

NEW!   RRAC Guidelines Resistance

To get the checklist for rodenticide users in France, German, Spanisch and Italian visit this site at:

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